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Saints Gervaso & Protaso Church

Friday 23d of September 2022, 9pm


Concert in memory of Gilda Giacomini,  aiming to intertwine words, music, songs, one with the other like threads and embroidery stitches, telling stories of women, transmitted often orally, and evidence of past memories.

For more than twenty years the Sagegreen have crossed epochs and cultures with their music, mixing medieval and Renaissance traditions, European popular music and Celtic culture. The trio performs using sophisticated musical instruments such as the psalter, the oud, ancestor of the lute, used in North African popular music, the Celtic harp, the saz and the jig. They have trodden the stages of important events crossing national borders. In 2001 the group represented Italy at the inaugural manifestation of the “Italy in Japan” festival.

The Sagegreen are: Patrizia Borromeo (voice and harp), Nadia Marolli (voice) and Riccardo Scharf (voice and lutes).

Admission to a free offer. The donations will be entirely devolved to the National Cancer Institute of Milan, through the La Bottega sui Nuvole di Gilda Fund established at the VCO Community Foundation For information: tel. 0323 557658 / WhatsApp 366 5677020 / Mail info@fondazionevco.it

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Music and entertaiment

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