Baveno boasts a great tradition of parks and gardens favored by the climate and the morphology of the area where the background of each scene is the mirror of the lake and the mountains that surrounds it . A boat or motorboat tour offers breathtaking landscapes allowing you to enjoy the marvelous ancient villas with their gardens, the hotels and the shapes of the villages set like jewels in the scenery all around.


Villa Fedora public park and beach


Surrounded by the municipal park of Baveno there is Villa Fedora, a 19th-century residence.
It was the scene of joyous and sinister events: The famous musician Umberto Giordano lived here; In the Second World War Villa Fedora was a refuge for a jewish family, which has met a tragic fate; During the years it became also an institution for needy mothers and children. The villa currently belongs to and is the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, which has recently renovated some parts of the building.

The luxuriant English style park is home to oak trees, camellias, mimosas and azaleas and is open to the public. During summertime, thanks to its beautiful and long beach, it’s one of the favorite places for families and visitors.

Villa Mussi public park

Villa Mussi, an old classical building looks out through the garden on the beautiful little square in front of St. Pietro Martire church, in the little hamlet of Oltrefiume. The old building is divided into two parts, the first one dated 1910 ,with its art nuveau  style tower. It was the residence of Francesco Cazzamini Mussi (1888-1952) poet and historian , co-worker and friend of Marino Moretti. Part of its great park became municipal property and is accessible to everyone who wants to spend a few hours in the nature.

Baveno Waterfront


More than 1,4 kilometers of promenade from the port to the little harbour, with a fantastic view over the Borromean Islands up to Laveno, surrounded by trees and flowers, fountains and a playground, invite you to relax on a bench or at cafes to enjoy the sun. In the past the lakeside was just in front of the Villa Henfrey Branca, given as a present from Maria Branca to the Touristic Association Pro Loco Baveno in 1906 (in this area it can be still admired a tree planted by the Queen Vittoria in 1879 when she was a guest of the Henfrey family, previous owners of the villa Branca).

Between the “Imbarcadero”, IV Novembre square, and the Hotel Beau Rivage, the lake used to reach the edge of the road. The first stone for the realization of the embankment of the lakeside was placed in 1913 but, because of the war, all the works ended only in 1921. Some other works designed to improve the walk along the lake were made in the end of the 90’s.

Feriolo Waterfront 


Romantic and picturesque fishing village, gently nestled in a natural bay of rare beauty, enchants by the simplicity of its houses leaning against each other reflecting in the emerald waters of the lake. For its prime location, it was the ancient harbour of commercial vessels that supplied Milan of coal, wood , hay, cheese, chestnuts and Candoglia marble. Later it became the place of processing and shipment of the precious granites stones of the area. Today it is a popular seaside tourist destination ideal for the outdoor living. The promenade that runs along the beach offers different sports activities such as fishing, diving, water skiing, sailing and canoeing.

Carosio public park (Roncaro) 

A small oasis immersed in the colors and shades of nature during the four seasons, is the ideal venue to spend moments in tranquility and relax. The park hosts al little playground and the old big trees inhabited by squirrels provide shadow and coolness in summertime.

At the entrance there is a plaque dedicated to Renzo Morandi “true soul of Roncaro Committee, devoted guardian of the memory of this territory”.

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