From Baveno to Alpe Vedabia

Path M2

Following the signs, the trail climbs from Romanico- through the meadows and the plantations of “Ronco Pariano”- to Alpe Navalesco (340m). Walking through the woods, reach the trail of the methane pipeline and follow it for a short way until you reach a marked fork. Going slightly down hill, approach the riverbed of the stream Selva Spessa and cross it with an easy wade. Turning left at the first fork (you can keep going following path M3A and reach Tranquilla), climb up a steep trail through the chestnut woods and reach Alpe Vedabia (879m). Following path M3, make a left to reach the top of Mottarone (1491m) and a right to reach Baveno through Monte Camoscio (890m).

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