Event > 02.06.23

Friday 2nd of June 2023, from 11.30am


From Mottarone: Path VM3 (CAI hut Baveno – Alpe Nuovo) / Walking time 20 minutes Difficulty T

From Baveno: Departure from Tranquilla. Path VM3 Monte Camoscio-Alpe Vedabia-Alpe Nuovo Baita CAI / Time required 3.30 hours Difficulty: E

From Levo: Departure from Levo. / Path VM5-VM3b-VM3 Levo-Alpe Vedabia-Alpe Nuovo Baita CAI / Walking time 2.15 hours Difficulty E

All courses are personal.


Holy Mass at 11:30 at Monte Zughero;

Lunch in the hut at 12:30.


Info: Dario Melfi 349 4311965


Organization by CAI Baveno.

Excursions and sports Contry Fest

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